What It TAkes to Become A Professional Blogger in Blogging Niche

Lately I had a great opportunity to know Sean Jackson (@SeanThinks) of CopyBlogger talk in the DFW WordPress Meet-Up. Having noticed Sean before I had been anticipating a re-hash of his preceding spiels, however he amazed me. Sean’s demonstration, Are You Really Able To Really go Pro, How to Become A Professional Blogger was equally inspirational and difficult. It had been the greatest I’ve ever learned from Sean. Continue reading


10 Most Popular Messaging Apps of 2014

┬áCommunicating over Smart phone is developing; it is not about text messaging only. about obtaining various messaging apps to stay connected round-the-clock. Though there are many to pick from but often one could easily get confused which is suitable. Using iMessage on your iPhone or using Whatsapp for PC on your Humanoid device. Let’s find out about the most popular messaging app. Continue reading