10 Most Popular Messaging Apps of 2014

 Communicating over Smart phone is developing; it is not about text messaging only. about obtaining various messaging apps to stay connected round-the-clock. Though there are many to pick from but often one could easily get confused which is suitable. Using iMessage on your iPhone or using Whatsapp for PC on your Humanoid device. Let’s find out about the most popular messaging app.

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 Here is the initial question which comes to the head of any user. It must be appropriate, in case you are already utilizing your text service by your supplier and also your mms. Nevertheless, the numerous file and media-sharing alternatives supplied by other messaging apps is what makes it more exciting. Furthermore, it allows you to connect to your pals abroad having the most budget friendly alternative. There are several apps that even allow you to send images that vanish after a few seconds of opening. You could also develop a committed group or unique network of individuals to stay joined inside an organization.

Another aspect is that you do not need to be bothered about limitations of texts as this work on wireless. Unlimited messaging is meant by this.

Let us now discover various messaging apps that are segregated into 3 major categories as:

— Group messages and payment


The most used app is WhatsApp this was practical ever since yr 2009. This app can be utilized by iOS, Android, Windows phones and BlackBerry users. This ensures that no matter which platform your friend is using you may still connect.

The best feature is the simplistic layout and user friendly intuitive UI. You really have the independence to incorporate audio, graphics, videos, sound notes and contact cards. Additionally, you can even share map picture to zero in on your current place.


MessageMe is another app that was started a month past. This app is available free of charge. You are permitted to doodle the images that you give your buddy network. You can even share song excerpts. However, the receiver must purchase the full version of the tune from Google Play or iTunes.


A current trend among children is becoming popular that contains sending text or graphics that vanish after opening. However, that is raising dilemmas over seclusion and illicit photo sharing but it is fast catching up.

Afterward send it for your friend along with the time limit to view the graphic or video. This time limit may be established anywhere between 1-10 seconds. As soon as the recipient opens it, the countdown beginnings and the item disappear within the given time limit. IOS and android customers can avail this app free of charge. You’re also enabled to scribble and doodle around the picture to ensure it is more interesting.

Burn Note

One more app by the title of Burn Note offers you the benefit of evaporating messages. A message is received by the recipient like a black boxes appearing on their screen, on accessing these cartons message appears. Additionally, in addition, you have the alternative of procuring your message with code word. Still, you can make selections to ensure that your messages can’t be duplicated. However, whether a user still features an alternative of recording screen shot of the conversation.

Group Messages and Payment


This app is famous for sending group messages. The primary feature with this message is threading together folks across various platforms. This ensures that no real matter what type of device you are using you will be able enough to be in the team messaging. Yet another thing is that it is available for download free.

GroupMe also offers you the liberty to generate a shared option of picking up tabs at a restaurant. For instance, you are out along with your friends on dinner then it is possible to pool in for the tabs by including the team payment.

After finding various messaging apps it’s clear that why utilizing another alternative is beneficial too.

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